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Eicher Logo
 “Health is Wealth”. A healthy truck reaps
  healthy profits for your business.
  Spurious parts are injurious to the health
  of your precious vehicle which in turn
  adversely affect it’s it’s working efficiency
  and hence your business. Your Eicher
  truck is engineered to perfection,
  incorporating the best of technology and
  state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
  And only you can keep it that way and
  enjoy the long-term benefits, by using
  specified Eicher Genuine Parts, which
  meets the same engineering precision

EICHER 10.90
Salient features of 10.90 are :
  • Performance beyond excellence: Often praised for meeting its timely transportation schedules
  • Eicher 10.90 is termed as the 'Proven Performer' from the Eicher stables.
  • Retains all the features of an LCV- speed, faster pick-up, and manoeuvrability with Engine E483 TCI of 95 ps @ 3200.
  • This makes it a better option for both intra-city and inter-city operations. Coupled with its high resale value and low operating costs, Eicher 10.90 ensures higher savings and more profits.
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Salient features of EICHER 30.25 FE are :

  • This is Most Fuel Efficient multi-axle in the market
  • This had advanced engineering that optimizes the entire drive train, the engine, gear box and axle for a better fuel mileage
  • The model has been built with strong and durable aggregates which ensure high vehicle reliability
  • APPLICABLE SEGMENT : Cement , Coal, POL Tankers , Steel & Iron Ore
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Eicher Skyline

Salient features of Eicher Skyline  are :

  • Extra smooth sliding windows fitted with safety bars.
  • "Stop" sign comes out with the door opening.
  • Rear top of the seats are padded to minimize head injury in the event of sudden impact.
  • Speed alarm unit near the driver to monitor the speed of the bus.
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